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We elaborate our products the artisanal way using the best available ingredients to create beers of maximum quality and wide variety of styles.



We elaborate our products the artisanal way using the best available ingredients to create beers of maximum quality and wide variety of styles.



The idea was born in Barcelona in 2011 with the enthusiasm, hope and conviction to create innovative craft beers of high quality. We are working to achieve this aim with the maximum professionalism, taking care of all the production phases with love, passion and respect for the product.

We begun to brew our first trials as Homebrewers already years before this project started. Step by step we came to create some of the beers that are nowadays our references. There we decided to go to another level and to commercialize the beers that we brewed in the establishments of others.

The social and economical circumstances of those times (and nowadays) were and are not ideal for taking the risk and starting a new business, but we took it with courage and a lot of hope. That is where the beer's name ‘HOPE’ comes from, our hopes inverted in one dream and one drink.

In 2015 we found a perfect place for building our brewery – Sant Sadurní d'Anoia in Barcelona. We modified an antique cellar of cava in our brewery of artisanal beer.

We intend to be the guides in the world of beer passionates on the local as well as national level. We aim to strengthen and spread the beer culture as we love it, deeply and sincerely.

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Our beers

Our beers

our beers



Estilo: Summer American Wheat


Alcohol: 5,8%

Amargor: 26 IBU

Color: 8 EBC

Maltas: 50 % malta de trigo, pilsner y dos cristalizadas.

Lúpulos: Citra, Amarillo, Summit y Cascade – DRY HOPPING + Lemon grass.


Color dorado claro espuma densa y persistente. Carbonatación moderada y cuerpo ligero. Aroma muy floral y cítrico con notas a pan fresco. Muy refrescante y con sabores muy cítricos y tropicales. Amargor ligero y limpio. 


Estilo: Bohemian Amber Ale  


Alcohol: 6%

Amargor: 30 IBU

Color: 26 EBC

Maltas: “floor malt” de origen Checo.

Lúpulos: Agnus i Sladek (HOP Research Institute)


Color ámbar oscuro con espuma densa y persistente. Carbonatación y cuerpo medio. Afrutada con notas caramelizadas y tostadas. Agradable sabor a lúpulo con matices herbales y florales. Amargor moderado y persistente. 


Estilo: India Pale Ale


Alcohol: 7,2 %

Amargor: 70 IBU

Color: 13 EBC

Maltas: 3 maltas de cebada y copos de trigo

Lúpulos:  Magnum, Citra, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, Galaxy y Mosaic


Color ámbar suave con espuma densa y persistente. Carbonatación lligera y cuerpo medio. Aromas de frutas tropicales, resina y un intenso sabor a mango, frutos del bosque y madera. Amargor profundo y equilibrado.


Estilo: Best Bitter - GLUTEN FREE


Alcohol: 3,9 %

Amargor: 25 IBU

Color: 13 EBC

Maltas: Pale y tres tipos de cristal.

Lúpulos: Magnum and Cascade.


Color ámbar claro con espuma blanca. Carbonatación baja y cuerpo medio. Aromas de malta, sabor de lúpulos florales, invita a beber. Amargor suave y equilibrado.



Estilo: Russian Imperial Stout


Alcohol: 9,5%

Amargor: 75 IBU

Color:118 EBC

Maltas: Pale, Amber, Black, Chocolate, Roasted Barley y avena.

Lúpulos: Magnum.


Color negro intenso, espuma marrón oscuro y cremosa. Sabor intenso a maltas torrefactas, cacao, café y regaliz.

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Other services

Other services



●     We elaborate and supply craft beer both in bottles and kegs.

●     We can brew the beer of your own recipe. If you don’t have your proper installation but want to take that step, consult us and we will advise you.

●     We customize the labels for special events.

●     If you want to install a barrel in your bar or an event we will borrow you the tap.

●     Visit our cellar.

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Who we are

Who we are



Agronomic engineer with more than 10 years of experience working as an expert of food quality and safety.

Started this project alone, taking the responsibility of every aspect of the administration.

A devotee to the world of gastronomy, the beer has always been his greatest passion. Dedicates all his capabilities to elaborate beers of varieties ‘outside of the comfort zone’, giving them their proper character.

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Telephone number:

+34 655 149 655

We are located:

Celler de Cervesa Artesana HOPE

C/ Pelegrí Torelló 14, bajos

08770 – Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona)


If you want to contact us fill in the form and we will answer you soon:

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